Thinking of Joining a Gym? Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer instead

As a fitness disciple you will probably have had your fill of a gym membership. Though you may have lost the required kilos and got into better shape, the drawbacks of working out in a gym may have finally gotten to you.

Whether it was the over-crowding, poor maintenance of equipment, lack of proper hygiene or having to work out under the stares of other members – the gym scene would finally lose its attraction. But if you still wish to have a fit and shapely body the alternative would be to use the services of a personal trainer.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of hiring a personal training instead of going to the gym.


A personal trainer will have undergone professional fitness training, so will have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your workouts. The trainer would first assess your basic health and fitness capacity and then draw up a personalised exercise programme for you to follow. He would also be able to help you losing weight if you wish too.



Having a fitness expert to guide you with weight loss and exercise will ensure that you perform your workouts to the best of your ability. If at times you tend to slacken off, the trainer will be there to support and encourage you to perform better – unlike the set-up in a gym where you would be performing workouts mostly on your own steam. A good personal trainer will also be non-judgemental of any errors you may make.

Right Advice

Besides benefitting from a personal trainer’s expertise on the fitness level, you could also obtain good advice and guidance with regard to nutrition and general health.

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Personal trainers keep in touch with the latest information on all health-related issues and are in a position to offer guidance. Such individual advice can prove extremely helpful – it will save you the time and trouble of going through pages of information to find what suits you. Trainers also know their limits.

If they find you have a problem which they are not in a position to handle, they will recommend that you get the specific help you require – from doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists or other related professionals.

Correct Techniques

It is important that when working out you use the correct form and technique. If you are not conversant enough with the same you could end up doing the wrong thing and risking injury. Having a personal trainer will help you to cue your body and mind so that you are able to reach your goals quicker. Posture, running form, strength etc. are areas in which a trainer can help you to improve.

Customised Workout Plans

If you are not very sure about operating any particular piece of equipment, you should take the guidance of a personal trainer. Wrong handling of equipment can also lead to injury. A trainer will help you to increase your flexibility, balance and core strength. Based on your daily lifestyle the trainer will draw up specific exercises – even to the extent of accommodating any minor injury you may have sustained.


Using the services of a personal trainer will help you to burn off more calories in a shorter period of time than you would have achieved in a gym and it will be very beneficial for losing weight. Your progress will be checked on a weekly basis and if required adjustments will be made in your workouts.