Do you want to be free of smoking? Imagine yourself completely free of nicotine!
Think of the benefits of being a non-smoker: benefits to your health, your life, your relationships and your finances.


  • will enable you to become permanently smokefree
  • is simple to use, requiring no special training
  • will maximise your chances of successfully becoming a non-smoker
  • is based on international guidelines
  • can be completed by yourself, or with the assistance of your health professional
  • can be completed from any computer with an internet connection

What is smokestop?

smokestop is a 3 month programme for smokers who wish to stop smoking. It consists of a series of sessions, each lasting 10-15 minutes, which you complete to become permanently smokefree. By simply following through the sessions, step by step, you will be fully prepared for quit day, and have effective strategies to stay smokefree.

smokestop provides essential support throughout your journey to become smokefree including email, SMS text messages, live chat and forum. It has been designed by smoking cessation experts, ex-smokers and health professionals who understand how it feels to be a smoker trying to give up. smokestop can be used by yourself or with the assistance of your doctor, nurse or health professional. Your chances of quitting and staying quit will be greatly enhanced by good preparation prior to quit day, and close follow-up after that. As relapse is common, smokestop provides support for this if it happens and optional long-term support at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months should you require it.


Kettlebell Training Exercises for Beginners

Recently, functional workouts have become all the rage in the fitness world. Given its immense benefits and application in your everyday life; this is hardly surprising. But is this type of training for one and all? Can you enrol for a kettlebell training workout session even if you have never worked out before? The good news is that YES! This type of exercise is ideally suited even for beginners because of its novel approach and low intensity workout moves. Be sure to check out a Worldwide accredited kettlebell trainer for more info.

Know more about Functional Workouts

Functional workouts are all about mimicking every day moves that are part of your regular chores. They involve repeating everyday functions and hence the name. In a typical functional workout session, you can expect to do a range of movements such as climbing, walking, jogging, sprinting, running, squatting and so on. For more information on kettlebell instructing, visit kettlebell instructor certification.

As it is evident, these are simply whole body; low intensity workouts that nevertheless have a tremendous impact on your body. When done regularly, kettlebell training can improve body balance; stability; flexibility; development of lean muscles and overall body strength. You might be interested in fitness qualification.

Reverse Lunge

Do a reverse lunge which mimics the movement of a backward stride with added impact in the form of bending down on one knee.

Stand upright with hands on hips and legs placed shoulder-length apart. Keep the spine neutral and begin by taking a step backward. Lower your body gradually till the knee of the back leg almost touches the ground. Hold for a few seconds taking care to maintain the right posture. Do remember that the back knee should not actually touch the ground. Return to starting position by pushing up with the heel of the front leg. Repeat on the other side.

Bodyweight Squats

This simple functional workout mimics the motion of sitting back on a low chair. Beginners will have stiff calf muscles and can keep a low platform below the heels in order to gain more leverage while getting up. While performing this workout, remember to use your hips to guide your movement and not the knees.

Begin by standing upright with a neutral spine. Lift hands and extend them in a straight line in front of you. You may also fold and cross them and hold them at shoulder height in front. Use hips to gradually lower the body, putting maximum strain on your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Hold once you are halfway down and you look like sitting on a low chair.


Rotations mimic the many twists and turns you need to do every day while going through your regular tasks. However, such movements can lead to injuries especially when the body is stiff and hence rotations should be an integral part of kettlebell training. Use a resistance band to create more impact so as to improve the strength and stability of your core area.

Attach the resistance band to any stable object that is at your waist height. Stand with one side of the body turned towards the object and grip the handle of the band with both hands. Rotate your body from the hips away from the object all the way you are comfortable with.

Begin a Fitness Training Program to Reduce Stress and Lose Weight

There are a lot of reasons to be stressed in this busy world and it seems even more stressful for the people who are on their mission to achieve weight loss. You keep calculating the amount of calories, carbohydrates or the sugar you could have consumed during the day. And, you keep track of your workouts via your fitness program or personal trainer.

This gives you stress and the most reliable companion you can call upon would be the weighing scale at your home. Your muscles could have become denser or maybe your stomach would not have been emptied or because your bladders are full. Most online personal trainers suggest you exercise 3-4 times per week for the best results.

You are blind to these considerations and all you can think about is that you have gained fats and you hate yourself for a while. Being stressed can never help you.

The weighing scale might have been made to ease certain things regarding health but your over use of this machine takes away the life out it and yourself as well. Your weight loss cannot be the only factor that decides your quality of happiness or your fitness level. At Coogee Fitness, they guranatee you will see weight loss results in 30 days or you get your money back!

During the course of your daily routine you will find yourself sitting for long periods of time, where you move very little and expend low energy. The nature of most office jobs entail sitting for long hours and then there is the daily commute where you are likely to be sitting in a car. Additionally, you will be sitting for your meals, watching TV or chatting with friends. Many of the health problems experienced are associated with this sedentary lifestyle. Luckily with the assistance of a personal trainer from Coogee fitness, it is possible to overcome these concerns.

Sitting for Long Is a Leading Cause of Depression

Apart from the very obvious effect on physical health, sitting for long periods has also been linked with ill effects on mental health due to poor supply of oxygenated blood to the brain and sub-optimal metabolism of glucose. A study conducted in Australia, reported in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, established that women sitting in excess of seven hours daily had a 47% greater risk of suffering depression than their counterparts who sit for less than four hours daily.

Long Periods of Sitting Increase the Risk of Cardiac Disease

When you are sitting for extended periods you will obviously burn less fat and your blood flow will tend to be sluggish. This situation is especially conducive to fatty acids to accumulate and clog your cardiac vessels. Prolonged sitting has also been established as a prime reason for high blood pressure as well as elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. A number of studies have conclusively linked sitting for long periods to a greater incidence of cardiac disease.

Thinking of Joining a Gym? Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer instead

As a fitness disciple you will probably have had your fill of a gym membership. Though you may have lost the required kilos and got into better shape, the drawbacks of working out in a gym may have finally gotten to you.

Whether it was the over-crowding, poor maintenance of equipment, lack of proper hygiene or having to work out under the stares of other members – the gym scene would finally lose its attraction. But if you still wish to have a fit and shapely body the alternative would be to use the services of a personal trainer.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of hiring a personal training instead of going to the gym.


A personal trainer will have undergone professional fitness training, so will have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your workouts. The trainer would first assess your basic health and fitness capacity and then draw up a personalised exercise programme for you to follow. He would also be able to help you losing weight if you wish too.



Having a fitness expert to guide you with weight loss and exercise will ensure that you perform your workouts to the best of your ability. If at times you tend to slacken off, the trainer will be there to support and encourage you to perform better – unlike the set-up in a gym where you would be performing workouts mostly on your own steam. A good personal trainer will also be non-judgemental of any errors you may make.

Right Advice

Besides benefitting from a personal trainer’s expertise on the fitness level, you could also obtain good advice and guidance with regard to nutrition and general health.

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Personal trainers keep in touch with the latest information on all health-related issues and are in a position to offer guidance. Such individual advice can prove extremely helpful – it will save you the time and trouble of going through pages of information to find what suits you. Trainers also know their limits.

If they find you have a problem which they are not in a position to handle, they will recommend that you get the specific help you require – from doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists or other related professionals.

Correct Techniques

It is important that when working out you use the correct form and technique. If you are not conversant enough with the same you could end up doing the wrong thing and risking injury. Having a personal trainer will help you to cue your body and mind so that you are able to reach your goals quicker. Posture, running form, strength etc. are areas in which a trainer can help you to improve.

Customised Workout Plans

If you are not very sure about operating any particular piece of equipment, you should take the guidance of a personal trainer. Wrong handling of equipment can also lead to injury. A trainer will help you to increase your flexibility, balance and core strength. Based on your daily lifestyle the trainer will draw up specific exercises – even to the extent of accommodating any minor injury you may have sustained.


Using the services of a personal trainer will help you to burn off more calories in a shorter period of time than you would have achieved in a gym and it will be very beneficial for losing weight. Your progress will be checked on a weekly basis and if required adjustments will be made in your workouts.

The advantages of giving up smoking and staying fit

The one thing that people of all age groups desire is to stay fit and healthy and maintain an active lifestyle. There are many advantages of staying fit apart from achieving weight loss and getting a slim, toned body.

Weight loss

It goes without saying that the biggest advantage of staying fit and exercising regularly is losing substantial amounts of weight. Exercising helps you knock off the extra pounds from your body and maintain the shed weight. Try dieting with 1 meal a day, I always tell my personal training clients that fat loss is simply calories in divided ny calories out = weight loss or weight gain… just simple math 🙂

weight loss

Look great

When you are fit and active, you tend to lose more weight. This makes you look great. Toxins are flushed out of your body. Your skin gets an increased supply of blood and your skin gets a soft glow.

Preventing diseases

Staying fit by exercising regularly helps prevent a wide array of disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, lung disorders, joint aches, bone disorders, migraines etc. It acts as a powerful immunizing therapy against various diseases.

stop smoking

Get good sleep

Staying fit means your body is getting ample amount of physical activity. Exercising promotes sleep and rejuvenates you. You get a good and sound sleep.


When you are fit and healthy, you are able to multitask and do various activities at one go without getting tired. Your daily work gets done faster and you are able to indulge in various other activities that you like.

Sense of accomplishment

When you see yourself achieving your weight loss targets, you feel happy about yourself and it gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem. This increases your confidence. Often times, womens fat loss tips that you read in most of the popular publications fail to talk about this vital spect enough.

Increase in energy levels

Regular physical activity increases overall energy levels. Exercising increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles and tissues and thus increases metabolism. It makes your body work more efficiently.

Improved social life

Staying fit and active helps you have fun, do new activities, make new friends, meet up with old friends and spend quality time with family.

Fit into smaller clothes

It is always a euphoric feeling when you fit into your old clothes or into clothes that are of a smaller size. It gives you definite proof that you have lost weight. Leading a fit active lifestyle helps you achieve weight loss.

Improves sex drive

A fit lifestyle means that you exercise regularly. Exercising helps in stimulating the production of testosterone and increases energy and sex drive.

Age better

It is a known fact that the risk of getting diseases increases with increase in age. If you have an active and fit lifestyle right from your youth, age related disorders like excessive weight gain, bone disorders, joint aches, arthritis, heart problems, breathing problems etc will not affect you much.

There are various fitness trainers who can guide you to achieve your weight loss goals, get a toned body, build muscle, burn fat and achieve overall fitness. No matter what age group you belong to, it is never too late to start exercising to stay fit. It is ultimately going to benefit you in the long run.